Hometown Christmas, part 3

Winter Wonderland Fantasy

Adults and children alike pretend to hear the sound of crunching snow beneath their feet or feel the icy crystals against a rosy cheek.  Many Dream of a White Christmas, scooting children along glittering tree-lined paths or stopping for the free Santa photos.

Winter Wonderland (1)Area businesses donate fully decorated Christmas trees and wreaths for Magnolia Regional Health Center’s annual Christmas event at Crossroads Arena.  All available for bidding during the six-hour silent Christmas tree and wreath auction.  Proceeds going to the charitable organization, Magnolia Foundation.  Free admission, but participants are asked to bring a non-perishable food item supporting the AMEN Food Pantry.

Winter Wonderland (5)Winter Wonderland (4)

It is a fun time for everyone, providing a holiday experience for children and families who might not be able to participate in festivities due to financial reasons.

Come along now and enjoy a few minutes in Winter Wonderland fantasy.

Winter Wonderland (8)Winter Wonderland (13)Winter Wonderland (6)Winter Wonderland (16)Winter Wonderland (17)Winter Wonderland (20)Winter Wonderland (14)Winter Wonderland (19)Winter Wonderland (11)

The following image portrays the essence of a day in 

Winter Wonderland fantasy.

Winter Wonderland (3)

December 19:  Die Weihnachtskrippe (Christmas Nativity Scene) History
December 22:  Die Weihnachtskrippe  (Christmas Nativity Scene) Algona, Iowa
                               (a beautiful story of love and forgiveness)
December 30:  From one generation to another (100th publication)

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Born again Christian, helpmate of 42 years, domestic engineer of two children, GRANDmother of six darlings, professional volunteer, fanatic photographer, and a wanna be writer. Occasionally, infatuated with family history, flower photography, and traveling with my hiking buddy.
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2 Responses to Hometown Christmas, part 3

  1. You’re right. The last photo says it all. I love that we have the Winter Wonderland here in Corinth!

  2. Sheryl says:

    The pictures are beautiful! It does look like a winter wonderland.

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