Center Focus: Red Flora

“I am writing in the garden.  To write as one should of a garden, one must write not outside it or merely somewhere near it, but in the garden.”  Frances Hodgson Burnett.

“Every garden is unique with a multitude of choices of soils, plants, and themes.  Finding your garden theme is as easy as seeing what brings a smile to your face.”  Teresa Watkins, Gardening With Soul.

Seeing red in the landscape can instantly grab your attention, especially when used in borders.  The warm yet striking variances of the color are often used to create an illusion, a feeling the garden area is far larger than in actuality. Red is a powerful, influential color, and red flora add a dimension of authority to any plot of ground.

Every type of garden is always on the move, ever changing either by the seasons or by the gardener.  While incorporating various textures, pockets of color, and plant specimens, the cultivated front or back yard can become a landscape painting.  A painting of artistic design and creativity, filling up the soul with enjoyment and pleasure.

Photographing red flora in true-life color is at times a difficult assignment.  However variant the final color, splashes of red thrown throughout the garden captured through the camera lens produce striking images.  Photography isn’t about taking image after image, it is about centering your focus upon something with your heart, mind, and soul.  It’s bringing to life what was perceived through the mind’s eye.

Almost every tender of the soil wants to share their gardening wisdom and knowledge.  As with any other artist or creative person, gardeners want to know how their creation communicates with others.   So it is with this freelance photographer and my digital flower garden.

You will find a gallery of my red floral images at under Flowers.  If you glimpse at a few of the images in the initial slideshow, maybe you’ll be drawn to the gallery.  Any reflective comments or insights are always appreciated.  A smile on your face would be enough also.

Lord, clear the eyes of my heart so I can focus on the splendor of Your creation.


About corinthrose

Born again Christian, helpmate of 42 years, domestic engineer of two children, GRANDmother of six darlings, professional volunteer, fanatic photographer, and a wanna be writer. Occasionally, infatuated with family history, flower photography, and traveling with my hiking buddy.
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3 Responses to Center Focus: Red Flora

  1. Gorgeous flowers…and the background makes the red stand out. Off to check out your gallery.

  2. I like that – “Lord, clear the eyes of my heart so I can focus on the splendor of Your creation.”

  3. kenneth & brenda says:

    Beautiful, just Beautiful

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