My Digital Friendship Garden

Flowers possess a language all their own.  Floral colors, textures, forms, varieties, fragrances:  an endless diversity of connotations and meanings, evoking and communicating a range of emotions.  Each petal’s very nature an expression of creativity and inner beauty to be possessed.  Clutching a bouquet of roses to my chest, my mind swells with the penetrating fragrance and serene mental images.  Wafts of sweet honeysuckle permeate the spring air, and I am emotionally carried away to the woodlands.

One early spring morning in a botanical garden—before the intruders arrive—alone—with my camera—floral heaven for Corinth’s Flower Lady!  Two blessed hours to capture tulip mania, hyacinth showcases, passionate tree blossoms, and the azalea fashion show. Solitarily enthralled with birds, bees, dew drops, flora and fauna during a breezeless Mississippi daybreak.  My enthusiasm thwarted only by camera and light limitations, forever grateful for the privilege.

My digitally-inspired friendship garden without fence or keep out signs, a refuge where God exists in every petal and blossom.    A shared floral sanctuary where friends have graciously brought me their blooming treasures to capture through the camera lens.   Floral gifts representative of special, unique blossoming friends—an   expression of love and generosity shown to a humble photographer and gardener.

Name imagery points to suggestive descriptions about an individual.  For instance, Corinth’s Flower Lady, Nebraska Rose, Corinth Rose, The Pretty Picture Lady, or even Buzz.  These personal titles convey a certain perspective or interest underlying the essence of the individual.

Just because my car and trunk have been jam packed with buckets of day lilies, some dragging from the trunk, others protruding from the open rear window—just because my refrigerator has been stuffed with fruit jars of roses and smelling like the White House Rose Garden—just because my beige bathroom tile floor has been speckled with all the colors of the rainbow after a session with my floral friends—just because my right index finger has stiffened and been disjointed from clicking the shutter button—just because one of my cameras has shot over 30,000 images—does this warrant the above descriptive titles?  You be the judge.

Cheryl’s digital flower beds require little repotting, only an occasional site rearranging.  Neither watering nor fertilizing required for fresh, brilliant specimens popping from the page.  Each unique image a visual unfolding of petals, representing a distinctive palette of colors and textures.

Submissive to the Creator, my flower photography a vehicle through which His glory is shown to all who view.  My desire only to share His gifts, longing for His glory to shine through each intimate image, I have now branched out by combining writing and photography in my weekly blog posts.  Planting and cultivating seeds of both skills, it is my prayer that sprouts of creativity shoot up and blossom somehow in your life in the process.

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him, and He will do this:  He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn; the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”  Psalm 37:4-6

Visit more of my blooming friends at or click on the link above.  Linger at the garden slideshow for recent uploads.  Email contact: Thanks for stopping by.


About corinthrose

Born again Christian, helpmate of 42 years, domestic engineer of two children, GRANDmother of six darlings, professional volunteer, fanatic photographer, and a wanna be writer. Occasionally, infatuated with family history, flower photography, and traveling with my hiking buddy.
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3 Responses to My Digital Friendship Garden

  1. Nancy says:

    Loved your digital flower bed. I treated myself to your slide show. Yes I lingered and emotionally enjoyed each photo
    If I would have stayed in Beatrice today I would have painted flowers or a bird on a rock but instead choose to travel to a farm sale across the road from where I grew up near Auburn.My 1st cousins were there as it was the home of their grandparents. We bought things we needed like nails, fruit baskets and a replacement door for our barn.
    My aunt showed up and she waved at her grandson who was one of the auctioneers. It was a great feeling to connect with family as we reminisced of days long ago having root beer floats in the turn of the century farm house.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity, may our friendship continue to blossom

  2. Pat Trainum says:

    Yes, Corinth Flower Lady, I love your flower garden. It’s a nice quiet respite from the world! Thank you for your diligence.

  3. Psalm 27:4-6 – so true for you.

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