Personal Involvement Photography

What is emotion-driven photography?

The first time someone mentioned one of my images was evocative, I ran to the dictionary.  It was a compliment!  Since then I’ve gained a better understanding about images evoking emotions and drawing the viewer into the essence of the scene.  A kind of photography going beyond the basics and eliciting an emotional response from the observer.

Composition, lighting—all perfectly set up.  What’s missing?  It’s that inner eye to pull out strong, personal feelings of the moment.  A reaching out to visualize through the camera’s eye what the mind’s eye has perceived.  This God-given ability to observe beyond the technical and into the mystery of the moment brings a greater level of meaning—and personal involvement—to the viewer.   It’s not an easy task to create a photograph that is full of life, meaning, and emotions—an image in which emotions are released when viewed.  A magical, powerful moment when it all comes together—a connection that was silenced in time.

Seated on the floor—far right corner of the photograph—legs sprawled in front of me—hunched under another window—my inner eye saw the scene my husband missed. 

Oblivious to those around me—focused only upon the moment—madly clicking the shutter button— the old Tishomingo cabin was silenced in time for all to enjoy.  This one photograph has been the envy of a photography instructor, the winner of photography contests, and is currently exhibited at the Alcorn County Welcome Center and Tishomingo State Park Headquarters, Mississippi.

Location:  Tishomingo State Park, northeast Mississippi
Camera:  Canon PowerShot S30 (Auto)
Date:  November 2006
Your thoughts:  What emotions are evoked as your eyes scan the above photograph?

The wind brisk and  temperature in the mid 40’s—a bit cool for walking on the beach. For me the weather wasn’t a deterrent or even a distraction while capturing the golden moment in this photograph.  Notice the height of the sun compared to the watery horizon.  Previous to this photography session with the golden globe, I would have waited until it was closer to the horizon to seize the moment.  An hour before sunrise and an hour before sunset—the photographer’s sweet golden time

Location:  Gulf Shores, Alabama
Camera:  Canon PowerShot A630 (Program)
Date and Time:  5:05 p.m. December 23, 2010
Your thoughts: What draws you into this scene?  

Tulips—hints of spring and warmer weather.  The office setting for my first attempts at macro photography was innovative, simple, and worked beautifully while the sun filtered through the window.  Timing was everything during the initial self-taught photography sessions with flora—lots of flora.  Backdrop a piece of black satin material draped over a laundry basket; my special vase for holding the subjects which I guarded with my life; and a point-and-shoot camera that has now renumbered images taken— twice (20,000 shots)—my photography beginnings.  

Nothing else matters during those moments with my floral friends—center focused and consumed with the subjects, capturing their beauty and essence. I have experienced tulips slowly open before my eyes as our floral love affair unfolds.  Special moments.

Location:  Corinth, Mississippi
Camera:  Canon PowerShot S30 (Auto-macro setting)
Date:  January 2006
Your thoughts:  Can tulips evoke emotions?

About corinthrose

Born again Christian, helpmate of 42 years, domestic engineer of two children, GRANDmother of six darlings, professional volunteer, fanatic photographer, and a wanna be writer. Occasionally, infatuated with family history, flower photography, and traveling with my hiking buddy.
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4 Responses to Personal Involvement Photography

  1. Alice says:

    Your talents continues to amaze me. The photos are beautiful and your thought are well written.

  2. Pat says:

    The old cabin makes me think of times past and in an odd sort of way, missed opportunities.
    The light on the water in contrast to the fence and grass on land draws me into the beach scene.
    The tulips make me think of budding opportunities.
    Great post and photographs!

  3. First pic- emptiness. Second pic – peace. Third pic – hope.


  4. Carol says:

    Beautiful pictures…the first brings to mind past memories…the second reveals the wonder and beauty of this world and how great God is…the third makes me think of new and fresh beginnings. Thanks for sharing these…I love your writing as well as your photography!!!!!!! 🙂

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